Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Channel?
A: Channel is the best place to watch videos on the go. Explore different channels in all kinds of categories, watch video stories and follow your favorite curators!

Q: How do I log in?
A: Logging in is as easy as connecting to your Facebook. Don’t worry, we’ll never post on your behalf. Not on Facebook? E-mail address & password it is, ya goob.

Q: How do I upload a video?
A: Easy! Tap the record button in the middle of the main screen.  Upload a video from the web using the URL icon, or upload a video directly from your camera roll.

Q: How do I record a live video?
A: Tap the record button on the main screen, and record away!

Q: How do I get more followers?
A: There are several ways, but mainly: Post quality content, make sure to post in the right channels and share on social media! Connecting to your Facebook will make finding friends easier.  Be sure to also check out some of the other Channelers on the main feed and explore page and follow them if you like their content. Being an active member of the community is the best way to get followers.

Q: How do I get my post featured?
A: Post great videos and make sure to put them in the right channels, and our editors will feature you! Also it helps if you send us cake. We like cake.

Q: How do I get a featured account?
A: We look at various factors when featuring accounts.  Keep actively posting great content and before you know it, you might get picked 🙂

Q: How do I recover my password?
A: We all forget things. If you forget your password when logging in, tap the “Forgot Password?” button, enter your e-mail address and we will help you recover your password.

Q: Someone reposted my content without my permission
A: Oh no! E-mail us at and we will handle it for you.  

Q: Where do I report issues/ask questions?
A: In the app, head to Settings.  Not only can you adjust preferences in Settings, but tap on “Tell us what you think.”  We will be sure to respond as quickly as we can.

Q: How do I unfollow a user?
A: In their profile, click the unfollow button at the top right corner.

Q: How do I share/connect my social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook?)
A: When you post a video tap the … icon. The first time you share to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you will be prompted to connect your account!

Q: How do I turn notifications on/off?
A: Settings > Enable notifications or Enable following notifications

Q: How do I favorite a video?
A: Tap the heart! The harder you tap, the more you like it. That’s not true, but still, tap it! That easy. Spread the love.

Q: What is the Daily Dump?
A: The Daily Dump is your topical and curated feed of videos that we handpick for you every day. Don’t forget to like if you… like it.

Q: What are Channels?
A: Channels work just like #hashtags, they categorize videos uploaded to Channel to make the viewing experience as simple and entertaining as possible.

Q: How do I delete a post?
A: Uh-oh, made an oopsie? Not to worry, just tap the … icon in the top right corner of your video and select “Delete”. There, it’s gone!

Q: How do I get more involved with Channel?
A: Awesome, we love that you love us! You can join our Channel Insiders program. Insiders get first access to product updates, and Channel perks. Interested? E-mail

Q: My content was posted without my permission, how do I get it removed?
A: If you would like to request the removal of content please email: with a link to the video and proof of ownership.

Q: How can I send you guys cake?
A: Easy, just shoot an e-mail to and she’ll tell you where to, or ask you to drop by and deliver the cake in person. We love hanging out with and hearing from our users, so don’t be shy!

Q: I recently noticed that my hair isn’t as poofy as it used to be. Channel, what can I do about it to give it more volume?
A: This is a question we get asked a lot, and don’t worry; it’s not that hard actually! All you need is a blowdryer, a round brush, some baby powder, vinegar, sunglasses, a pair of beach loafers, four sheets of lasagna and a cup of rice.